Tube Filling Machines
CTS tube filling machines are best suited for every application and all types of liquid.
We provide a number of solution to fill all types of viscous liquid, they can be operated in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. They are designed to fill liquids like jam, sauce, creams, honey etc These all are available in wide variation for ease to use.

The Model FL-300 is appropriate for filling all kinds of pasty and viscous fluid…

Table Top Solutions
Table Top Solutions

This type of units suitable for filling sauces, oil, honey, pates, jams, creams,…

Semi-Automatic Solutions
Semi-automatic Solutions

This is based on each single production need. The dosing is controlled by “Festo”…

Automatic Solutions
Automatic Solutions

This is used for filling of products such as sauces, oil, honey, pate, jams,…