Print And Apply
CTS Print and apply section comes up with a very efficient labelling machine with a joint venture of print facility.
The different range of Legi is suitable for different work. All this machine are coupled with print and labelling feature which reduces the space and cost of production. They are suitable for wide range application with the production companies and retailers
Legi Air 4050E
Legi Air 4050e

Legi-Air 4050 E - Expanded system diversity for precision labelling.


Legi Air 4050M
Legi Air 4050m

Label printer and dispenser Legi-Air 4050 M

Master controller controls…

Legi Air 4050 TWIN
Legi Air 4050 Twin

Labeling solution for GHS requirement

A new system for the classification,…

Legi Air 5300
Legi Air 5300

Legi-Air 5300 - Label printer and dispenser for all labelling tasks